Introducing Office360

Turning rehab practice management upside down

Low cost, end-to-end solution for practices of all sizes
No upfront investment, lowest operational cost, game changer for startups and established practices
Intuitive, user-friendly, no training required - up and running in less than 3 days
EHR, Billing, Scheduling, seamlessly integrated, intelligently interconnected
Automated creation of all medical reports, automated submission of all insurance claims, regardless of case type
Streamlined approach to billing
Same fully automated process, regardless whether patient is Out Of Pocket, Commercial Insurance, Medicare, No Fault or Workers' Comp
Need for front-desk and billing personnel eliminated
Paperless operations, full process automation, combined with smartly engineered operational support
See what makes Office360 stand out from all other practice management products
Fully automated, paperless operations
  • Mobile-friendly patient self-registration, well-defined workflow for clearing patient for treatment
  • Patient, evaluation, session data collected and stored electronically via intelligent online forms, content entirely under your control
  • Intelligent, user-friendly presentation and handling of Tests and Measurements, Goals, Treatment Plan
  • Automated generation of all medical reports and summaries, PDF and editable HTML formats available, e-faxing to any destination with a push of a button
  • Automated electronic submission of insurance claims and posting of remittance
  • System dashboard with up-to-the-minute statistics on everything that requires your attention
Fully integrated, unified billing subsystem
  • Process the same irrespective of case type
  • Insurance claims prepared and submitted electronically automatically at the conclusion of the session with the patient
  • Integration with Apex EDI claims clearinghouse for a seamless, hands-off interaction with insurance payers
  • Nightly claim status updates, automated posting of remittance
  • Billing dashboard - comprehensive multi-dimensional views into the status of your billing - submission errors, delinquencies and more
  • Patient billing - secure online payment system, payment reminders sent automatically to patients
Watch this short video to learn more about our ingenious approach to insurance billing
See how Office360 helps reduce or completely eliminate reliance on billers
Save time and money with Office360
Total cost well below any comparable product or solution
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Reduce time with patients
Patient portal - patients schedule own visits, pay fees, fill out electronic forms and upload medical documentation
New approach to billing
Role of traditional biller significantly reduced or - completely eliminated
Claims automatically submitted as practitioners conclude their sessions with patients. Automatic nightly status updates and posting of remittance.
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Spend less time managing your practice
Need to write evaluation reports or session notes eliminated - Office360 writes them for you, literally. Data automatically transfered between patient, evaluation and session forms.
Paperless operations
System and billing dashboards, automated alerts, notifications and reminders, advanced team collaboration features. Optimize efficiency and eliminate errors, never miss the beat with Office360 - toss pen and paper for good!!!
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Customizations can be costly
...but not in Office360. Easily update forms and report templates, create new and add to your workflow. Do it yourself - or our professional services team can do it for you, in typical situations - at no cost.
Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service application Own no hardware, there are no installs, no configurations, no maintenance, no downtime Automatically scalable Affordable, pay-per-use pricing model
Software as a Service

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